Do people really try to charge cell phones in microwaves?

Question arises because raised it

There's a scene in the movie "American Hustle" where actress Jennifer Lawrence summons all of her Academy Award-winning talents to convince us that her character is clueless enough to put metal in a microwave, or as it's called in the thoroughly entertaining film, "a science oven." The results, as you'll see from this clip, are predictable.

Of course, the movie character has a plausible excuse: "American Hustle" loosely chronicles the Abscam scandal of the late 1970s, a time in the evolution of kitchen technology when the average Joe or Josephine could be excused for doubting the prohibitions against mixing metal and microwaves.

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But now? In the year 2014? Could anyone above the age of 12 not be aware of the dangers? And, more to the point of this post, is it possible that that a grownup person of sound mind could not only be unaware, but also swallow the notion that putting a telephone in a microwave for a minute will recharge it? Then actually try it?

The invaluable truth-finders at apparently believe such people exist, because they took time last week to "debunk" a persistent "bit of flimflammery" circulating throughout social media that is designed to entice 21st Century Jennifer Lawrence-type characters into nuking their phones. Here's one version of the ruse, complete with an Apple conspiracy theory.


So I ask again: Does anyone really fall for this nonsense? It's easy to find videos of people popping cell phones into microwaves - here, here and here, for example -- but they're all of the don't-try-this-at-home variety. And Snopes isn't the first to debunk the idea that this is a bad idea.

But find me an example from the wild of someone doing this. I'm not saying they don't exist, just that they're harder to find than the hoax itself and the helpful warnings of debunkers.

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