Surprise! Cisco behind mystery hold music on This American Life story

We learn that Cisco CallManager telephony system music has a real hold on people

Listening to a podcast over the weekend of NPR's This American Life, I thought I might gain a reprieve from the tech business news that dominates my work life. But no, somehow Cisco CallManager wound up featuring prominantly in a story about a senior citizen's obsession with the hold music at his doctor's office -- mysterious music that apparently captivated a lot of other people, too.

What was the music called? Where did it come from? A woman at a medical imaging center and a local librarian helped cracked the case, and it turns out the music was composed in 1989 by a then-16-year-old and was slipped into Cisco CallManager telephony system as its default hold music years later by a high school buddy of the composer's who worked on Cisco phone systems while in his twenties.  

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The YouTube video of the music below has 137K hits as of this writing, plus over 300 comments, many by people who love the music. And there I was thinking it was only Cisco's switches and routers that touched people's lives so deeply.

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