Forgotify trying to liberate Spotify’s ‘Island of Misfit Songs’

Website invites users to hear millions of titles never before heard on Spotify

Only a tone-deaf Scrooge could fail to be moved by this invitation: "4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Let's change that."


The idea is simple: A Forgotify user is presented with random never-been-heard-on-Spotify singles, and, if he or she decides to give one a listen, that title is then rescued from this "Island of Misfit Songs." The artists appear to be mostly obscure (at least to me, which, truth be told, means little). And, as has been noted elsewhere, some Forgotify offerings may be there because Spotify includes multiple versions of individual songs.

Yes, I was suspicious as well as amused. Given that we live in a world where even Santa Claus cannot be trusted, my first thought upon seeing this site was that it's probably part of a Spotify marketing scheme, since you can't play the game without being a Spotify user. I emailed the company asking them to fess up.

"This is not one of ours," replied Graham James, head of U.S. communications for Spotify, almost immediately. "Not sure who pulled it together but it's pretty cool.  I'm for anything that gets more people discovering new music and listening more."

Oh, right, I forgot that Spotify is headquartered in Sweden; were it based in the U.S., Forgotify would have received a fuhgetaboutit letter by now.

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I've also reached out to the trio behind Forgotify and will let you know what they have to say. In the meantime, feel free to liberate a few songs.

(Update, Monday, Feb. 3: I've received a reply from Lane Jordan, one of Forgetify's creators: "We do not have a relationship with Spotify and have had no contact with anyone that works there. ...  This was an idea developed from the stat that 20% of the songs on Spotify had never been played. So we wanted to find a way to discover those tracks and Forgotify was born. ... I came up with the idea and took it to my developer friend, J Hausmann and together we tested ideas to get the concept working. We then got our copywriter pal Nate Gagnon to help further develop the identity of the application. Nate gave the concept a name and we knew immediately it was a perfect fit. ... The reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Just do a quick search on Twitter and see what people are saying. We've been in the market for less than a week and our site has already been picked up by TIME, The Atlantic, BBC News, and the list goes on. ... We currently allow only 1 play per song before we remove it from our playlist. But we've considered adding more listens because a song that only has 5 - 10 listens is still forgotten. ... I tend to agree with the folks that some tracks don't deserve to be heard. But I've had the pleasure of finding a few of those audio gems and even if you only hear 1 song out of 5 that you like then we consider that a success.") 

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