Apple reportedy met with Elon Musk, may be exploring technology that predicts heart attacks

A new report claims Apple recently sat down with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, while another claims it is exploring technology that anticipates the onset of a heart attack.

In 2010, Apple hired a Goldman Sachs investment banker named Adrian Perica.

His mission? To focus exclusively on mergers and acquisitions and help Apple seal deals quickly.

Since then, Apple, a company that has historically shied away from numerous corporate acquisitions, has stepped on the gas quite noticeably. In 2013 alone, for example, Apple acquired 15 companies, more than it's ever acquired in any other calendar in recent memory.

In a report published this weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle relays that Perica has been working hard looking for new acquisition targets. While this shouldn't come as much of a surprise in and of itself, what's notable is the fields Apple has reportedly been exploring.

But Apple is thinking bigger. Much bigger.

A source tells The Chronicle that Perica met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in Cupertino last spring around the same time analysts suggested Apple acquire the electric car giant.

Well, that's a teaser of a rumor if I've ever seen one. Tesla, which manufactures electric cars, is often compared to Apple because both companies produce critically acclaimed and elegant products that have engendered a passionate and loyal userbase.

So might it be possible that Apple was, in fact, considering acquiring Tesla? You might recall, after all, that Tim Cook said the following during a recent Wall Street Journal interview:

We have no problem spending ten figures for the right company that’s the right and that’s in the best interest of Apple in the long-term. None. Zero.

Of course, a Tesla acquisition would cost Apple 11 figures, and that presupposes that Apple would seriously consider such an acquisition in the first place, or that Musk would even entertain the idea of selling altogether.

So while there is no shortage of reasons why Apple buying Tesla does not make sense, it's certainly interesting that it was Perica, of all people, who reportedly met with Musk. The Chronicle also claims that Cook was "probably" in attendance at the meeting as well.

The Chronicle also confirms what is hardly a secret these days - that Apple has its eyes set on medical sensor technologies, presumably as a feature in a future wearable device, like a watch. What's new, though, is a report that Apple is exploring ways to predict the onset of heart attacks via technology capable of analyzing the sounds of blood as it flows through a user's arteries.

The newspaper has also learned that Apple is heavily exploring medical devices, specifically sensor technology that can help predict heart attacks. Led by Tomlinson Holman, a renowned audio engineer who invented THX and 10.2 surround sound, Apple is exploring ways to predict heart attacks by studying the sound blood makes at it flows through arteries.

Holman originally joined Apple in 2011, where he was tasked with spearheading audio research initiatives at the company.

Just last week, we reported that Apple has continued to shore up its roster of engineers and physicians with deep expertise in the area of medical sensor technologies. This past January, Apple hired Marcelo Lamego, the former CTO of Cercacor, a company responsible for groundbreaking work on noninvasive patient monitoring technologies.

So as critics continue to lambast Apple for resting on its laurels and for not releasing a revolutionary new product every two years, it certainly seems that innovation remains alive and well in Cupertino.

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