Situation normal, all Farked up

A 502 error message from the folks at Fark

Fark is one of my favorite funny places on the Internet, both because it speaks to my fondness for wordplay in the service of even low-brow humor and because the site has been kind enough to link to a lot of my Buzzblog silliness over the years.

So I thought I'd share with you Fark's 502 Bad Gateway error page, which I've seen from time to time, including a few minutes ago:

Five Oh Two

Fark blew up trying to retrieve / ... most likely the front-end web servers are up but the back-end ones aren't. Most of the time, that's because we're simply in the middle of restarting after a software update.

Try again in about 30 seconds and things should start behaving again.

If this message persists for more than a few minutes, check our outage page to see if there are any known issues.


Everything is back to normal now ... or at least as normal as they get on Fark. 

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