TrustyCon attendees literally take the NSA cake

Cloud security company SpiderOak's sweet surprise at RSA Conference alternative

Want a piece? #NSA cake @TrustyCon via @ZKPrivacy #omnomnom

— SpiderOak (@SpiderOak) February 27, 2014

Give cloud security company SpiderOak points for creativity this week in giving attendees of the RSA Conference alternative -- the TrustyCon event in San Francisco -- a chance to get inside the National Security Agency. Or technically, to get the NSA inside of them.

Photos surfaced on Twitter of a spectacular NSA headquarters cake at TrustyCon that attendees were invited to munch on. As the Zero-Knowledge Privacy Foundation's Twitter accounted commented: "No gag orders."

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The NSA played no small role in the launch of TrustyCon in January, an event that sold out in hurry, fueled by rising concerns about the NSA's disregard for privacy rights as well as questions about its relationship with security vendor RSA. High profile speakers like F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen cancelled their appearances at the RSA Conference followng revelations about RSA possibly including a crypto algorithm that was really an NSA cyber-espionage backdoor into its technology -- an issue RSA Executive Chairman Art Coviello said at the RSA Conference amounted to the NSA exploiting his company's trust in it.

NSA headquarters cake by @SpiderOak at @TrustyCon

— Steve Weis (@sweis) February 27, 2014


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