Microsoft Exchange Calendaring Problems - A Current Perspective (Mar/2014)

Addressing Calendar Corruption, Lost Appointments, Duplicate Appointments in Exchange

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  1. Develop a documented plan that communicates to users their role in this problem solving, things I note such as having just 1 user and 1 device do all calendar management if possible.  And not just the Execs / Exec Admins, remember, a user sending a recurring appointment from an old/buggy client software from an old version of Exchange to a clean Exec with the latest of everything will still be an old, buggy, problemsome appointment because of the originator.
  2. Search out the logs and confirm that all connecting mobile devices are running a current version of OS/iOS, definitely off of iOS 4.x and 5.x.
  3. Search out the logs and confirm that all connecting desktops and laptops are running a current version of Outlook (Office 2013 or Office 2011 for Mac)
  4. Upgrade the entire org to the latest Exchange 2013 (or Office 365), advancements on the backend have addressed a lot of the backend issues of the past
  5. Once users have a good process in place, endpoints are cleaned up, and Exchange has been upgraded organizationwide, don't forget to send out new appointments any time you run into an appointment problem (and again, not resend an "update" to an old (corrupt) appointment, send a brand new clean appointment.

This might seem like a lengthy process, but it's nothing more than getting Exchange and client systems updated as systems should be, cleaning up corrupt stuff as they arise, and having users follow a handful of good practices.I'd have to say that the number of calendar corruption problem accounts have drastically decreased over the past year or so as orgs have been upgrading to the latest Exchange or Office 365, and latest endpoint client software, however I do see the problem pop up every now and then, and with a few good practices, the problem does begin to disappear...I hope this helps!  All else fails, contact me.  While the intent of my original blog post was to help orgs self-fix the problem, I have found the methodical process we've used to be helpful to orgs that just haven't gotten to the bottom of the problem.  I can walk through a methodical process to assess the "backend" to make sure Exchange and clients are setup right, and then interview and work with Execs / Exec Admins to understand user usage and suggest processes that'll minimize/eliminate the problem.EVERY org we've worked with is really really close to solving the problem, usually it's just a couple simple things that we jump in and identify fixes / solutions to ultimately solve the problem...  Hope this helps, all the best!  All else fails, contact me / my company, email, we'll connect up within a day to see how we can lend a hand!   Rand

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