Calligra 2.8: The Office Suite I am stupid for not using

Why do I ignore good, useful software?

Yesterday saw the release of the Calligra Suite version 2.8. With that release, I was reminded of a thought that has been thought by this little brain of mine multiple times before...

"Why am I not using some of these Calligra applications all the time?"

KOffice, from which Calligra originally forked some years back (“some years back” is this lazy man's way of getting out of needing to actually look up which year the fork took place... I think it was about four years ago or so), was already a fantastic office suite. But, and here's the strange thing, I never really stuck to using that either.

Back then I tended to be a Gnome 2.x guy (I know all the letters in “Gnome” are supposed to be capitalized... I just think it looks goofy that way so I refuse to do it. Plus, I know it irks a few of my friends that work on Gnome, and that makes me smile). And KOffice was on the KDE side of things. So that probably had something to do with it – a bit of a psychological divide.

Even nowadays, I've really been loving Gnome Shell. But it's not like Calligra (and other Qt and KDE) applications don't run well under a GTK-powered desktop environment. So that's not exactly a good reason.

I mean, let's be honest here. Me not using Calligra in my core workflow is completely bonkers at this point. I design and write comic books and comic strips with heavy usage of vector artwork. Karbon is an astoundingly nice vector design tool, and Flow, a diagramming tool, is incredibly handy from the design point of view as well.

Ninety-nine percent of the rest of the work I do is all writing. And Words is a great word processor. But, even more importantly, the new(-ish) Calligra Author is a word processor focused entirely around writing and building eBooks. And, you know what? The damned thing uses the Open Document Format. So migrating over from LibreOffice (which is, admittedly, a mighty fine office suite) is really not a big deal at all for me.

Calligra 2.8 reminds me that my stubborn adherence to the tools I currently use is probably costing me lost time and productivity. That's it. It’s time to jump over to Calligra. Starting tomorrow I am going to spend at least one week moving my workflow over to Calligra.

This article right here? This is the last one you will read that I write in Libre Office for at least a week.

…maybe. Probably. (I give me a 50/50 on that one.)

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