MIT preps for Pi Day the pie way

One good pie in the face deserves another

The second video may be even funnier than the first, but it was made second so second it shall stay. The first - called "Preparing for Pi(e) Day" - represents the work of the bloggers at the MIT Admissions Department and helps announce that Friday, March 14, in addition to being Pi Day, will also be the day that MIT applicants find out if they're in.

But wait! There were leftovers, so, staff blogger Chris Peterson "bravely volunteered to take on all of the remaining pies," according to this post headlined: "Pi(e) Day: The making of."

More behind-the-scenes photos here, including cleanup.


Oh, and if you don't find pies in the face funny, I'm sorry, but you're a few slices short of a sense of humor. 

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