Spam in the fridge may soon have second meaning

Security threats for Internet of Things, bootkits discussed in this month's Security Threat Landscape

When Derek Manky, my co-host on Security Threat Landscape, began mentioning the possibility of Internet of Things-connected devices like refrigerators becoming nodes for spambots in this month's episode, my brain started racing about possibilities for "Spam in the Fridge, Spam From the Fridge" types of puns.

So I apologize if I look distracted during some of this discussion.

Not only do we discuss Internet-of-Things security (including the recently discovered Moon Worm on Linksys routers), but Derek and I chat about bootkits and other trends that emerged at recent security shows, including RSA and CanSecWest.

For more details on the latest data security threats, head to the FortiGuard Center, in which you can also watch previous episodes of Security Threat Landscape.

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