Apple, cloud computing share the blame in new "Sex Tape" movie

NSFW trailer of Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel movie sends up the cloud

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You'd almost think Apple rival Samsung underwrote the upcoming movie "Sex Tape" when you see the just released NSFW trailer. A couple, played by Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, have their life turned upside down after they record a sex tape that then spreads through iCloud to a bunch of iPads they've given as gifts to family, friends and even the mailman.

Yes, a cloud gaffe even more embarrassing than all those industry cloud outages.

Segel in the movie describes his wife's idea to record themselves having intimate relations as "your best idea ever." Until it isn't. Apparently he was supposed to erase their X-rated film. In one scene, the video is shown syncing via Jay's cloud account over a happy, shiny family photo on their iPad. Shortly, after, Jay gets a text on his iPhone from someone thanking him for sharing the video. That's when all heck breaks loose.

Even Siri gets a supporting actress role.

Poignant questions asked in the aftermath of the sex tape seeping onto the cloud include: "How the hell do you get it back?" and "You know the cloud?" (to which Diaz's character replies @*$)#&!

One truthful snippet from Segel: "Nobody understands the cloud. It's a %#*%&@# mystery."

Except, of course, that most people realize the cloud actually isn't quite as ephemeral as it sounds. Diaz is shown whacking away with a baseball bat on what appears to be a bunch of data center servers. And on the device end, the couple is intent on destroying every last iPad it gifted, including one they grab from their young son and burn on a grill (see also: 10 Hottest Videos of Smartphones Burning Up)

While cloud computing hasn't had too many starring roles in the movies yet, it has become instrumental in supporting the movie business. Netflix, for example, is one of the most important cloud companies around.

The characters in this movie would have been wise to take advice doled out last week at a cloud security panel I sat in on at SecureWorld Boston. Asked about what they wouldn't put on the cloud, most of the panelists recommended a cautious approach, such as "marketing yes, but engineering/design no."

Venafi's Tammy Moskites recommended: "I wouldn't put my intellectual property into the cloud...Your crown jewels, anything you have in your environment [over which you] want tight controls."

That about says it all.

Sex Tape comes to theatres in July.

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