Want to be Bond or Snowden? Swann's HD RemoteCam is for you

Perhaps you want to be James Bond. Or perhaps you're collecting evidence of wrong-doing. Or maybe you're wanting to record the boss's emtional outbursts for posterity (or evidence).

Whatever the reason, Swann Security has gadgets you'll need ... or, at least, want.


I covered their pen camera a couple of years ago and now the company has produced a similar and even more stealthy video and photo recording device; the HD RemoteCam. This gadget looks like a car remote control key fob and records 30fps video at 720 x 480 pixels in AVI format and stills at 1,600 by 1,200 pixels in 8-bit RGB JPEG format.

You can offload and delete images and videos by connecting the RemoteCam as a USB storage device to your computer and accessing the contents of the video and image directories. 

 HD RemoteCam

The RemoteCam comes with a Windows utility for setting the date and time on the device. For the likes of Mac and Linux users, you can create a file with the current time and date in plain text and save it to the root of the fob's storage. When you next restart the RemoteCam it will set the current date and time to be as specified in the file.

The built-in rechargeable battery is charged via the USB port (this can take as long as four hours) and provides about 25 minutes of video recording. The device comes with a 2GB MicroSD card but you can replace that with a card up to 32GB if you wish.

Given that the lens is a tiny pinhole the results aren't at all bad and for secret agents, whistleblowers, and, yes, blackmailers, probably more than good enough (make sure of your local laws before secretly recording anything). 

So, if there's a James Bond or an Edward Snowden in you trying to get out, you'll probably want a Swann HD RemoteCam and at only $69.95 MSRP, you'll have plenty of cash leftover for that jetpack or gyrocopter you've been eyeing.

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