Masergy adds MSSP to its lineup

Managed services lineup adds enterprise security.

I first became aware of Masergy back in the early part of the last decade. Since that time they have grown into a network services powerhouse offering a wide range of network services to a global enterprise clientele. Their lineup includes managed solutions with fully integrated real-time analytics, global unified communications as a service (UCaaS), and software-defined network control. Now, with theacquisition of Global DataGuard, Inc., Masergy has added managed security services to the mix.

If you have not heard of Masergy before, they have become a powerhouse in global cloud networking. What is Global Cloud Networking? Good question. I know it sounds a little like marketing speak. What it means, though, is that basically today's larger enterprises have far-flung assets throughout the globe. With offices in different locations, infrastructure hosted in multiple data centers, employees, partners and customers worldwide, it takes a global provider like Masergy to connect all of the pieces and make there their connectivity is as efficient as possible.

With security being such a hot button issue, it only makes sense that Masergy would add managed security services to the mix. They now offer a full range of managed network services for phone, IP and data.

There was a time early in my career when this type of service was the domain of giants like AT&T or NTT. Of course, these telco giants still offer this type of service. But now companies like Masergy come in and offer the full spectrum of service with greater choice. It makes for better competition.

In speaking with Tim Naramore, Chief Technology Officer, and John Dumbleton, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Masergy, they were both very excited about adding managed security to the mix. They don't think Masergy is going to go out and compete for security-only deals as perhaps Global DataGuard did prior to acquisition, but they do expect to see a big pickup from existing Masergy customers who will now add security to the mix.

More importantly, it will make Masergy more competitive in competing for new customers throughout the world.

One of the great things about the tech world is there are many companies like Masergy that are carving out great businesses, but sometimes fly under the radar of many observers if you are not in their target audience.

Masergy seems poised to break out though to a bigger audience, and this latest acquisition is a piece of the puzzle that was missing up until now.

This acquisition also validates some of the things I have advocated for years. First of all, security is too hard for all but the largest organizations.  Outsourcing to a managed service provider is going to be the preferred security solution. Secondly, that network providers, cloud providers, all IT providers need to bundle security into their offerings. Their security offerings will be a differentiator in the marketplace. Those that have it will thrive, those that don't will suffer.

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