In prison for selling pirated movies, he’s shown pirated movies

When Richard Humphrey says movies being shown by guards to inmates in an Ohio prison were illegally obtained, he can be considered a reasonably reliable source: Humphrey is serving a 29-month sentence for selling pirated movies.

Wolf of Wall Street poster

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In April, 2010, Humphrey was sentenced to 29 months in prison for selling pirated copies of movies through the subscription-based ...

Humphrey said he saw "Ride Along" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" three or four times while he was in an intake pod that every prisoner must go through at the beginning of their sentence.

In some cases, Humphrey said the movies appeared to have been illegally recorded by theater-goers. "You could see people walking in front of the camera," he said. ...

"How do you expect someone to be rehabilitated when there's authority figures that are running those institutions that are copyright infringing?"

Prison officials say they are investigating, presumably with a broom and a rug.

Maybe a few of those movie studio lawyers could lend a hand.

In any case, inmate Humphries sure has a good point about the hypocrisy.

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