Forces behind electric vehicles revving their engines

Retail giant Costco curiously quiet regarding its next foray

A Forbes story this morning is worth a read for anyone interested in the past, present and/or future of electric vehicles. The meat of the article concerns efforts to update public charging stations and the roles being played by various commercial and government entities, in particular the retail chain Costco and the state of California. From that story:

Costco and its ilk are in luck, because the state of California has just approved $1.9 million for a company called EV Connect, working with the longtime charging supplier Clipper Creek, to update approximately 600 of the old inductive chargers used to plug in such venerable campaigners as the Ford Ranger EV and the Honda EVPlus.

The author contends that the end result will be juice aplenty for EV owners anywhere between San Diego and San Francisco.

And then there was this little bit of EV history that caught my eye: The Electric Auto Association has been spreading this message - "EVs are your clean, quiet, efficient transportation choice" - since, well, a very long time, 1967.

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