Find and Replace in an Entire Folder of Excel Workbooks Using Easy-XL

You have to change 400 workbooks for to prepare for next year's annual budget process. This truly GLOBAL find and replace will help.

Say that you have hundreds of similar Excel workbooks in a folder and you need to globally change "2009 Budget" to "2010 Budget" in all of the workbooks. This will be a long tedious process for someone. The Easy-XL program makes this task a breeze. Choose the folder, specify if subfolders should be used. You can specify if the search should include text, numbers, dates, or formulas. The program can ask you to confirm each replacement or simply attack the entire folder. Easy-XL is free to try. Even after the trial expires, the Global Search and Replace, as well as four navigators and several new Excel functions (FiscalYear being my favorite) will remain unlocked forever. Download the software from

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