Cisco Announces Wireless Vulnerabilities

A recap of a recent Cisco Security Advisory

Just when I decided to dedicate more time to blogging about Cisco Wireless and other Cisco related areas but didn't have anything to blog about Cisco has brought me the answer. The answer to my blogging dilemma lies in Document ID: 112062.

This document is a Cisco Security Advisory that details seven different vulnerabilities that are said to be independant of each other. The vulnerabilities include:

  • Two denial of service (DoS) vulnerabilities
  • Three privilege escalation vulnerabilities
  • Two access control list (ACL) bypass vulnerabilities

There are a number of WLCs that are vulnerable, as well as the WiSMs, WLC Modules for the ISR routers and the 3750G with the integrated WLCs. Cisco has documented the vulnerabilities well but the document says there are no workarounds at this time.

If you've ran into issues with these vulnerabilities already, what did you do to mitigate them?

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