Cisco exec to head Skype

Bates' routing background expected to benefit soon-to-be-public videocalling company

Well, it's not quite the acquisition that everyone talked about and a few expected. But there is some Cisco influence now at the top of Skype.

Longtime Cisco routing executive Tony Bates is taking the reins of the popular videophone service company. He's expected to usher Skype into its new era as a public company and shepherd the accumulation of billions of dollars raised in the offering. He's also expected to take Skype deeper into enterprise unified communications deployments where it can perhaps further capitalize - financially - on its technology and service.

Cisco a few months ago was expected to buy Skype. Opinions differed at the time as to whether that was likely or even a good idea. Conflicting reports surfaced on whether or not Cisco made an offer for the company - or even discussed a possible purchase with Skype.

One thing's for sure, high ranking Cisco executive Tony Bates was talking with Skype. Which makes it seem even more likely that Cisco was discussing some kind of link up with the company.

So with Bates at the helm, does this make an acquisition more likely? Or less likely?

Most recently, Bates had been senior vice president and general manager of Cisco's Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business Division. He will be replaced by CTO Padmasree Warrior, who will retain her CTO post be add Bates' previous responsibilities.

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