Microsoft trying to scare users away from OpenOffice in new ad

Taking a page from the negative political campaigns, Microsoft releases anti-OpenOffice ad

Just when users thought the future was getting safer, Microsoft has started to crank up the FUD machine. This new ad could once again stir animosity in the hearts of open source advocates for the statements it makes against Linux and open source software generally.

And Microsoft claims it loves open source?

Even I found the ad aggravating, and I pretty much like using Microsoft Office on my Windows machine. I've installed OpenOffice on my Ubuntu Linux machine, and on my kid's Vista and Mac PCs -- and it works great for home use. I'm doubtful that many companies who rely heavily on Office applications will be yanking out MS Office, and the customized software they've built for it, and starting over with So when you see Microsoft go on the offensive like this, it just makes you want to shake them and yell, "Snap out of it!"

OpenOffice was having such a good-news streak, too, thanks to last month's formation of the LibreOffice group by some contributors, and this week's vow by Oracle of continued support.

Take a look.


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