Interop New York Starts Wednesday

I'm once again very pleased to have the opportunity to Chair the Wireless and Mobility Track at this annual enterprise-focused event. We've got sessions on all of the important topics in wireless and mobile, and a special discount code is available. I hope you can stop by.

I think I mentioned this before, but I hope you can attend Inteorp New York this coming week. Yes, I know there are a lot of events these days, but I've been on the Interop Advisory Board for a long time and I'm particularly proud to once again be associated with this conference. Check out the Wireless and Mobility Track - we've worked really hard on this one (and I personally think it shows), and we're covering all of the hot topics in wireless. We have some great speakers to ensure a lively sales-pitch-free discussion, and evey session has time reserved for questions from the audience. If you're in any way involved with planning, operations, mangement, or a user who depends upon mobility, I think you'll find Interop New York interesting and informative. I'd absolutely want to be there if I weren't already involved in putting this conference together.

There's a special discount code available that will get you either free Expo (exhibit hall/show floor) admission or 20% off the conference, which also includes the Expo. Just enter CNSCNY23 at the registration page and you're all set.

I'll be in New York for the entire event, Wednesday through Friday. See you there!

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