CCVP Cisco Certification UPDATED to CCNP Voice

6 New/Updated Classes

Cisco has announced considerable changes related to various professional level certification programs today. The Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) has been renamed to CCNP Voice. The CCIP certification has been renamed to CCNP Service Provider, and the CCSP has been renamed to CCNP Security. Global Knowledge will be updating all of their course offerings to align to the new CCNP Voice certification. A hyperlink to the Global Knowledge classes can be found at the end of this blog. All of the class/test acronyms used in this blog can be researched at The older CCVP certification tests will not be retired until 2/28/11. If you have already started the CCVP certification, I advise doing some immediate goal setting and action plan. Cisco instructors must pass the test of any class they teach at the instructor score for every class they teach. I'll share my experience of each exam after I pass them on this blog. Let's talk about the previous and current CCVP certifications.... The soon to be retired CCVP consisted of 5 exams after meeting the CCNA Voice prerequisite. Since CCNA Voice is a prerequisite, let's talk about that cert first... The CCNA Voice can be obtained by passing either the IIUC or CVOICE exam after achieving the CCNA certification. You do not have to be a CCNA to take any of the CCVP or CCNA Voice tests, but you cannot call yourself a CCVP until you pass the CCNA prerequisite. Since the CVOICE test is one of the five required tests towards the CCVP, I normally recommend skipping the IIUC test. The IIUC test has a lot of content that overlapped with the CVOICE class with a focus on the SMB (small & medium business) market. IIUC covered CUCME and the UC500 platforms which are not covered in CVOICE, but most of the voice fundamentals and dial peer configurations overlapped with CVOICE content. IIUC no longer exists and the CVOICE will NOT count towards the CCNA Voice in the new certification track. CCNA Voice requires the ICOMM test. No other test can take its place. ICOMM is a new course/test that covers administration basics of Cisco Unified Communications Manger (CUCM), Cisco Unity Connection (CUC), and the Cisco Unified Presence Server. Here's the CCVP tests that were required for the CCVP: CVOICE QoS CIPT1 CIPT2 TUC The CCNP Voice certification requires the following courses/tests: CVOICE CIPT1 CIPT2 CAPPS TVOICE Let’s discuss some changes made to these classes/tests. The new CVOICE class/test is referred to as CVOICE version 8 (v8). The new CVOICE class covers most material that was covered in the previous CVOICE class, but some voice fundamentals were moved into the ICOMM prerequisite. The biggest change in CVOICE is the introduction of Quality of Service (QoS). The QoS test requirement was replaced by CAPPS, but a lot of content from the QoS class has now been put into the CVOICE class. The new CIPT1 class/test (v8) is similar to the last version. There are not any considerable changes in this class that I noticed, but content has been moved between ICOMM, CIPT1, and CIPT2. I’ve been teaching the CIPT1 class for over 9 years now. Content typically gets moved between CIPT1 and CIPT2 in revisions to meet the new course objectives. The new CIPT2 class/test (v8) is similar to the last version. One considerable change is the removal of the encryption module. I welcome this change because most of my students working in telephony were not interested in 200 pages of encryption, security theory in the CIPT2 class. Death by Powerpoint? The hole from security has been filled with the CCD/SAF (call control discovery / service advertisement framework) dynamic call routing database protocol. The CCD/SAF feature requires CUCM 8.0 and Cisco IOS 15.1(2T) on the routed network. CCD/SAF is a dynamic routing protocol that will announce call routing database information dynamically over the infrastructure. CAPPS is a brand new class which covers messaging and presence. The Cisco Unity Connection (CUC), Cisco Unity Express (CUE), and Cisco Unified Presence (CUP) products are covered in this course/test. TVOICE is a re-branded version of the CCVPv6 TUC (Troubleshooting Unified Communications) course. This course was originally called IPTT (IP Telephony Troubleshooting) in the CCVPv4 certification. The CCNP Voice certification represents the third professional voice certification update by Cisco. The TVOICE class content has been changed considerably to reflect troubleshooting of newer features, while maintaining the same signaling and media challenges in previous versions of the course. All of the courses and tests have been updated to align with the Cisco UC version 8.x products. For more information on the CCNP Voice certification: More information regarding the CCNA Voice, CCNP Security, and CCNP Service Provider Cisco certfications are available at the following URL: Global Knowledge CCNP Voice classes:


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