Cisco study finds video surpassing P2P

Also, that 10% of users generate 60% of global Internet traffic

Cisco this week updated its Visual Networking Index Usage Study and found that video has surpassed peer-to-peer filing sharing as the largest category of Internet traffic. P2P is now 25% of global broadband traffic, down from 38% last year, while streaming video, flash and Internet TV make up 26%. 

Cisco's study also found that the average broadband connection generates 14.9 GB of Internet traffic per month, up from the 11.4 GB per month Cisco found in last year's study. That's an increase of 31%. 

Internet "prime time" is between 9pm and 1am around the world, in each and every time zone. Two hours of it overlaps with TV prime time, which is 7pm to 11pm. 

Also of note - and which may lend some ammunition to proponents of tiered pricing plans - is that the top 10% of connections are responsible for 60% of the worldwide broadband Internet traffic, with the top 1% responsible for 20%. Cisco asks whether the other 90% are subsidizing the usage of that 10%; or if the higher volume users should pay more for what they use than the rest of us? 

Other interesting findings are that over one-third of the top 50 sites by volume are video sites, and that none of these featured explicit adult content. This is a shift in the composition of traffic generated by the top global web sites only two years ago, Cisco found. Ten of those top 50 sites were associated with software updates and downloads, mostly in security and application enhancements.

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