Is Cisco Running for Governor in California?

Most Attack Ads are Silly, but this One Takes the Blue Ribbon

As you might have read from my previous blogs - like my stance on Net Neutrality - you'll probably pick up quickly that I do not vote Democrat often (I don't vote for Republicans much either lately, but that's for a different blog). Nonetheless, I don't care for silliness in politics. Government is serious business as it is the one entity in this nation that can force you do to something and take away your liberty. That's why this new attack ad by Carlia Fiornia is just terrible...and ridiculous.

I think Fiorina wanted to attack Barbara Boxer, but spent 60 seconds of the 70 second commericial attacking Cisco and John Chambers. Toward the end of the ad it tries standard guilt-by-association with Boxer and Cisco. However, at the end of the commercial, all you remember is how evil Cisco is. Huh? Is Cisco running for office? I don't live in California, but I'm pretty sure Cisco is not on the ballot this year. The ad does a few just - what can only be explained as - stupid things. First, it goes after John Chambers, who is a rather well known Republican. Fiorina is a Republican, right? Ok, just checking again. Second it quotes Ariana Huffington, who is definitely not a Republican. Huh? Is President Obama going to start quoting Rush Limbaugh? The final screen shot ends with this line:

I just don't know what more to write at this point..... Good thing I don't live in California. I couldn't vote for either of these two now.

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