The tribe spoke: Former Yahoo! exec. gets booted off "Survivor"

Survivor Marty Piombo fails in quest for a million dollars

His perhaps overly honest answers and generally irritating manner Marty Piombo, currently the Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships for digital media firm SkyTide and former VP and GM of Yahoo! Mobile Latin America got booted out of the tribe in the latest episode of the venerable CBS reality show Survivor.  

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Piombo, who told the Mill Valley Patch Web site prior to the show's premier this year:  "I could be edited as a super nice hero guy or I could easily be edited as the devil. We'll see. From the clips and ads I've seen, I could be kind of a villain-esque wise guy. Hopefully I'm funny at least."

He added that he had hoped to bring "a calculating ruthlessness to the game without being someone who was going to alienate everybody right away and be kicked out in the first episode. I had to balance my natural instincts. Anybody who is kind of a corporate leader type of guy, people are going to hate you from the get-go. That's just the way it goes."

Most observers would say Piombo managed to irritate most of his fellow tribe mates.  The only saving grace for Piombo is that he is now the second member of the jury who will ultimately pick who gets the million dollar prize.

In tonight's postscript Piombo said:" It sucks not to be in the game...just sucks."

Piombo has been in the tech industry for over 15 years with stints as a senior vice president at Sococo which makes applications to create virtual meeting places for distributed workforces.

Survivor has had other techies compete. You may recall Yau-Man Chan, a favorite "Survivor: Fiji."Chan is the  director of information systems for the College of Chemistry at the University of California Berkeley. Chan,54, made it to that season's final four ultimately was voted off. 

Chan was so popular he was invited back for Survivor: Micronesia but only lasted two weeks before the tribe spoke and voted him off.

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