A handy QoS configuration tool

A software application that saves time in QoS configuration and monitoring

Configuring QoS is not a hard task for me, with all the time that I spent in front of it while studying for certs and or configuring network devices it is easy. Nevertheless, it is time consuming and requires many details that I prefer to not memorize if I do not have to. Well, apparently there is a tool for that, which I got to know through this blog and wanted to share back. It is called LiveAction and is the product of a company called Action Packed Networks (http://www.actionpacked.com). The test environment that I used it on was a virtual one, running GNS3 with a few 2691 instances in a simple network but it should be as good as a regular network, which I intend to use it on in the future. The results were very impressive and I easily created an eight class, NBAR based QoS policy using a template-based wizard. This would save an experienced tech around twenty minutes per interface and to the inexperienced one it can save hours. The wizard did not do all the work and you still need to assign queuing policy to every class. Here is what LiveAction programmed to the router: class-map match-any 8C_BL_NetworkControl_App-Match match protocol bgp match protocol dns match protocol dhcp match protocol eigrp match protocol ospf match protocol snmp match protocol syslog class-map match-any 8C_BL_CriticalData_App-Match match protocol telnet match protocol ssh match protocol sqlnet match protocol sqlserver match protocol citrix match protocol secure-telnet match protocol streamwork class-map match-any 8C_BL_BulkData_App-Match match protocol exchange match protocol tftp match protocol pop3 match protocol ftp match protocol smtp class-map match-any 8C_BL_Voice_App-Match match protocol rtp class-map match-any 8C_BL_Video_App-Match match protocol netshow match protocol cuseeme class-map match-any 8C_BL_Scavenger_App-Match match protocol bittorrent match protocol gnutella match protocol kazaa2 class-map match-any 8C_BL_CallSignaling_App-Match match protocol skinny match protocol sip match protocol rtcp ! ! policy-map 8C-BL_App-Match_FA00_Out_ch_0 class 8C_BL_BulkData_App-Match bandwidth percent 15 class 8C_BL_CallSignaling_App-Match bandwidth percent 5 class 8C_BL_CriticalData_App-Match bandwidth percent 10 class 8C_BL_NetworkControl_App-Match bandwidth percent 10 class 8C_BL_Scavenger_App-Match bandwidth percent 1 class 8C_BL_Video_App-Match bandwidth percent 12 class 8C_BL_Voice_App-Match priority percent 33 class class-default bandwidth percent 1 random-detect dscp-based policy-map 8C-BL_App-Match_FA00_Out_pa_0 class class-default shape average percent 90 service-policy 8C-BL_App-Match_FA00_Out_ch_0 ! ! This tool is a time saving necessity for someone that knows QoS, and what to do, but would not mind getting some help on the how to part. Another nice bonus was the IP SLA configuration options and the ability to graph results with it, this one is also a labor-intensive task, and graphing IP SLA results requires additional tools. That is it for now, if I will get to use it on a live network I will update with the results.

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