Google Goggles grabs Buick, Disney, Delta Airlines, T-Mobile and Diageo

Google Goggles lets users go directly to brand name sites via pictures

Google today said Buick, Disney, Delta Airlines, T-Mobile and Diageo have Google Goggle-enabled some of their print ads, movie posters and video.

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Google Goggles lets smartphone users take a photo of the object they want to look up rather than typing search terms. Google then analyzes the picture and gives you the search results.

In this case, for example, Google says when a user scans a "Goggles-enabled" Buick ad with Google Goggles, they can connect directly with Buick's mobile online system. Further, Google says when users take pictures of these brands with Google Goggles, they will be recognized by the app, and users will have the option of clicking-through directly to the company's mobile destination.

Google recently began offering Goggles via Apple's iTunes App Store.

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