Google Calendar glitch unresolved for more than a week

Google's online calendar service displaying appointments on wrong days

UPDATE AT 9:39 P.M.: A Google spokesperson now says "This fix is rolling out as we speak, but it's probably not everywhere yet. It should be everywhere by tonight or tomorrow." So, with any luck this problem will be gone for all users by sometime on Wednesday.

Original post:

After more than a week of Google Calendar users complaining that appointments are showing up on the wrong day in embedded calendars, Google has still failed to completely eliminate the problem.

Users have been complaining on an official Google support forum since Nov. 29

A Google employee told users on the forum yesterday that "Our team is continuing to work on this, and ... some of you should be seeing the fix already. Thanks again for all your posts and for bearing with us while we've addressed this issue."

Google struggles to fix calendar problem as users bemoan missed appointments

Users are continuing to report today that the problem still exists, although some also reported that the calendar has begun working properly. The problem is causing appointments to appear on the wrong day of the week on Google calendars embedded on user-created websites. 

Some users reported that appointments are showing up incorrectly in the month view, but not in the week view. However, others reported problems in both views. Google asked users to switch embedded calendars to "agenda" view, but even that turned out to have problems. 

I contacted Google's public relations department and was told yesterday via email that "We are working to fix this ASAP, will update you when it is fixed."

Google Calendar users who examine the Google Apps Status Dashboard will note that there are "no issues" reported with the service. The reason for that, Google tells me, is that "We typically use the Dashboard to communicate issues that disrupt service for users. Affected users in this case were still able to access their calendars, they just needed to switch their embedded calendar to a different view (agenda)."

That doesn't seem to be true for everyone, however. As noted earlier, some users reported problems in the calendar's agenda view.

Some Google users have figured out another workaround, however. Creating a calendar event that repeats every day seems to prevent other events from appearing on the wrong days, they said.

A Google user named Jay, who tipped me off about this problem last week, describes the workaround as follows: "Entering any html qualifier as the event title (such as <span> </span>), with a single space between the opening and closing brackets, then editing that event to repeat daily, places a thin line on all calendar days, which is almost unobtrusive." 

Despite the workaround, Google's slowness in solving the problem is causing it to lose credibility with some users. 

"We use the calendars on high profile websites for our community events," one user writes. "My superiors were against using Google Calendar, and we ended up going with it. Now that it's not working, it's hard to save face with this current problem."

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