Holiday Gift Guide 2010 - A Few Last-Minute Contenders

We received a number of products for review after the print deadline - but never fear, we get to everything eventually, and here are a few more products that belong on your gift list.

Print deadlines force writers into all kinds of constraints that we'd rather not live with. Such is often the case with large-scale product reviews, like the annual Network World Holiday Gift Guide, a/k/a 2010 Cool Yule Tools. I reviewed five more recently (that's it for this year, Keith!), and there are a couple here that are now on my own gift list. Links to each item listed below can be found in the main article linked above. So, then:

- How about a book? Books, especially e-books, make great gifts, and Controller-Based Wireless LAN Fundamentals, from Cisco Press, is a great read for any network professional using Cisco's WLANs as well as others interested in the whole WLAN space.

- Metageek's Wi-Spy DBx has always been a favorite spectrum analyzer around here, and with the latest Chanalyzer Pro software it's a great addition to the WLAN arsenals of large and small companies alike. The new directional antenna makes it easy to localize interferers.

- Electric guitarists will enjoy IK Multimedia's iRig iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad interface and Amplitube software. The UI is cool and the $20 edition is especially a lot of fun to play with, if perhaps not quiet enough for serious recording. But the price is low and the fun factor hits the high notes as well.

- Amplicom's Powertel 500 cordless phone and optional 601 Wrist Shaker are great gifts for those who have trouble hearing or who work in noisy environments. The handset has lots of useful features, and the Wrist Shaker is a true innovation - although I really want a Bluetooth version of that one.

- brite-View's Air SyncHD wireless HDMI solution is flat-out amazing - a Full HD (1080p) wireless link that really can go long range without even breathing hard. I had my test link working across three floors! And the price is only a little higher than the company's HDelight product reviewed earlier - about that of a good HDMI cable and a lot less than having that cable professionally installed. I loved this one!

So there you have a few more great holiday gifts, with quite literally something for everyone. Happy shopping!

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