Could Wikileaks spawn troubles for the IT Industry?

Copycats could begin publishing internal information to take down IT companies

I am surprised this has not happened yet (or maybe I am foretelling the future?) but what kind of damage could a copycat Wikileaks web site do to the IT industry such as an ITWikileaks? People with a grudge, people who lost their jobs or were fired, people trying to report corruption could do expose sensitive information on any IT company. Many of us in the IT industry know of e-mails that are sent around about other companies, people, executives and customers. What would happen if those e-mail got out? We all know of people who keep those kinds of e-mails in a safe place for that rainy day.

Damaging documents could be an email from an executive talking trash about a big customer or a reports on production problems for a new product. It could be e-mails that talk about corruption within a company. In this day in age it could be recordings from meetings with executives within a company or perhaps video from a phone. The potential damage someone within a company could cause by posting this on a copycat Wikileaks site would throw the sector in peril. Forget about holding a company hostage with passwords, employees can cause so much more damage by using emails, video, recordings to undermined the credibility of companies. Lose of market share and customers is something that is hard to get back.

Whistleblowers have always existed, but the ability to publish directly to a web site is what's new.  In years past, the whistleblower would have to convince a newspaper to run the story - and that story would be investigated by reporters.  Anyone could publish stuff to a Web, but a third party with massive readership is different.

The question I keep asking to myself is not if this will happen, but when. Who will be the executive or executives to be taken down and what will it do to the company and their customers? Being that Wikileaks is being somewhat accepted by the world for what they did, people might have no reservations on creating a ITWikileaks.

The wise man would say, more than ever before, watch what you say or write.

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