Open Source CMS Dominate the Market, Who Are The Leaders?

new report from shows WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! with big lead

Few categories have been so dominated by multiple open source projects like CMS (content management systems). A new report (that you can download for free here) from Water and Stone details the share of market and other facts about 20 of the leading open source CMS players. Some of the findings of the report are:

• The Big Three -- WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal -- remain firmly in command of the market.

• WordPress has taken the lead in brand strength after a strong growth year.

• The gap continues to narrow between .NET market leader  DotNetNuke and contender  Umbraco. This continues the trend observed in the 2009 Report.

• Liferay leads the Java WCM market, though Alfresco is not far behind and in fact leads in several metrics.

• Up and coming systems to watch include: Concrete5 and Umbraco.

• Systems possibly at risk include: Textpattern and Xoops

I have reported on many of these players over the past months, so hopefully many of them ring a bell. Things that I found interesting was that Moveable Type which I always considered a WordPress competitor finally made the report this year. In years past it was considered strictly a blogging platform, so did not make the list. WordPress on the other hand, which I also consider primarily a blogging platform has been on the list all along and is in fact one of the leaders. Alfresco which is always touted as such a leader in the open source market actually appears to have lost some ground this year in some key categories compared to some of its open source brethren. To be clear, Alresco still maintains a strong position in certain categories, but I am wondering if there are not any red flags out there on this as some of these other open source tools catch up.

The most important thing for me though is what a great category for open source! Here are 20 of the leading open source solutions. Can you imagine that? 20 great solutions that are open source alone in this one category.  That to me speaks volume of what a great job these open source projects are doing.  In alphabetical order of the apps covered in this years report:

• Alfresco WCM

• CMSMadeSimple

• Concrete5

• DotNetNuke

• Drupal

• e107

• eZ Publish

• Joomla!

• Liferay

• MODx

• Movable Type

• OpenCms

• Plone

• SilverStripe

• Textpattern

• Tiki

• Typo3

• Umbraco

• WordPress

• Xoop

So if you are interested in CMS please have a look at the report. I purposely have left out a lot of the great metrics and research from the report because I would rather you look at the report yourself and give Water and Stone their due. It is a great report!

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