Study: Mobile phone users are more demanding, impatient these days

Smartphone owners are looking for more immediate data when searching for local businesses

A new study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of shows that smart phone users are expecting more from their mobile devices than their desktop PCs, including getting immediate access to information and timely data on local businesses. The study asked 1,538 mobile phone users in October 2010 a bunch of questions related to their usage of mobile devices these days.

Here’s a roundup of some of the results:

• 66% said they were more likely to ask timely questions when they are not in front of their computers.

• 30% are using their mobile phones to access the Web more than they use a computer to access the same information.

• 40% of those surveyed said they are more influenced by users’ opinions on local businesses given within the last 24 hours, compared with opinions provided more than a month ago.

• 68% say they want to know whether a restaurant is busy at that moment, rather than just searching for local reviews. 63% said the current tone of the crowd was important when choosing their destination.

• The 18-24 year-old group said they need immediate information from their mobile devices 100% of the time (oh, those wacky kids).

• 38% said they need local information more often while they are driving in their cars vs. other locations (so much for hands-free driving laws, eh?)

• And 40% of smart phone users said they wished they could have found out more about what was happening when they saw a crowd.

It’s clear that mobile phone users are accessing data more often and more quickly, but it’s interesting to see the types of information that users are desiring, and about the immediacy of those results.

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