Grab your manual typewriter and head to Philly for "Type-In"

Philadelphia man organizing typing event

Nothing like typing on a manual typewriter and having a few beers.  But that's part of the idea behind a Type-In being organized by a Philadelphia typewriter aficionado.

Michael McGettigan, the Type-In organizer said the type-fest will take place Saturday at Bridgewater's Pub in Philadelphia's 30th Street Station.

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According to a Philadelphia Daily News story on the Type-In: "The Type-In will give attendees a place to type letters on a bar top - McGettigan is providing the stationery - trade typewriters and participate in a typing challenge to see who can type a Paul Auster passage the fastest. 'Depending on how many people we have, we might even have a couple of heats,' McGettigan said. 'Maybe we'll use something crazy like a Jay-Z lyric.' The prize? An Olympia SM9. Marshall Davis, a typewriter technician, also will appear at the event to instruct owners how to keep a manual typewriter happy.'"

The "Adventures in Typewriterdom" blog has some interesting observations on the Type-in.

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