What does NASA's CIO want for Christmas?

NASA CIO wants an all powerful smartphone, help with NASA LAN and a cool shower cap?

nasa cio
It seems that NASA CIO Linda Cureton has a pretty good sense of humor. On her NASA blog over the weekend she sent a letter to Santa about what she'd like to get for Christmas. While she'd obviously like to get better networking gear, I found shower cap item a little disturbing.

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From her blog:

  • Anyway, Santa, I'd like it very, very much if you would grant my wishes this year because I've been a very, very, very good girl this year. And I made my list short, so that you and the elves won't have to work so hard. Here it is:
  • I'd like a smartphone that can last all day without needing another charge.
  • I'd like to actually be selected from a waitlist for an upgrade on my next flight to one of the NASA Centers in California.
  • And Santa Baby, I'd sit on your lap for a shower cap in hotels because this little girl does not have wash-and-wear hair.
  • I'd like a local area Network for NASA - just one though. Ok, maybe three. Oh, Santa Dear, can it be secure and flexible - just like a metal Slinky, but better? And real big so it can stretch across the world.
  • Oh, Santa, I need a ginormous amount of inexpensive, reliable storage so that the smart little girls and boys at NASA can store their science data.
  • Can I PLEASE have an Enterprise Calendaring solution that actually works? Not for me, but for the good little girls and boys at NASA. Please?

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