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Help Santa Build the Answers to These Year-End Polls

Christmas time is here, bringing lots of cheer... and if you can hear the Peanuts gang singing that song already, you too may have heard the same carols millions of time on the radio of late. I'm shutting down the blog for a few weeks here around the Christmas holidays. But I've stacked up some short but interesting questions over the year - some that don't need a whole blog post - but some might be interesting to this group. So, for this last post of the year, I thought I'd toss out a few questions, mostly in poll form. Pop back in over the holidays and see what we collectively come up with.

FYI, I will be in and out of the blog for the next few weeks. Post comments/questions as well, and I'll ping back in between presents, turkey, celebrating, turkey, and all the year end fun. Enjoy! Merry Christmas, and happy your-favorite-holiday-here.

What Changes from the Cisco Cert Group

While Santa's at the Learning@Cisco Christmas party, he sneaks into someone's cubicle, and makes some changes to the cert program. (Hey, he's sneaky, and fast - why not?) If you had known about it ahead of time, what would be on your Christmas list for Santa to change on behalf of Cisco?

IP Network Numbers in Your Enterprise

What IP network numbers do you normally use for the hosts in your Enterprise network? I'm not asking if you use public IP addresses with NAT to connect to the Internet - instead, for each and every host, do you use private IP addresses? If so, which classes? If not, do you use the registered IP network given by your regional registry, or just one that your company started using, and you never migrated away?

RIP - Rest in Peace?

Is RIP finally dead? I'm talking both RIP-1 and RIP-2. CCNA still covers RIP-2, and I wondered if it was gone from the real world, if maybe Cisco would remove it from CCNA one day. What's the scoop in your Enterprise network?

What IGP are You Stuck With

What is the primary IGP used in the Enterprise network you work with? Or if you work for an ISP, what IGP is most popular for internal routes?

What IGP on Your Christmas List?

In between cookies on the morning of Dec 25th, Santa zaps your network, and changes everything to use one, and only one, IGP routing protocol. Which one is on your Christmas list?

Network+ and CCNA?

Cisco recently made an announcement of offering a bundle that includes exam vouchers and products for both Network+ and the CCNA exam. In your opinion, is there any synergy, or benefit, or advantage to starting with Network+ before moving to your first Cisco exam? Does this offer from Cisco make you more likely to consider Network+? Or vice-versa, does it make you more likely to consider CCNA if you were headed towards Network+? No poll on this one, just wanted to ask the question.

Also, the page linked above lists a very interesting chart listing salary ranges for Network+ and Cisco certs. It's worth a quick look.

Which Masks, and How Many

Some Enterprises use a single subnet mask to keep things simple - often Some also use, specifically for serial links and other point-to-point parts of the topology. What does your company use? If you have a handful of oddball masks, you can ignore those - looking for say 99% of the subnets - you know, the masks that you normally use on purpose.

IPv6 - Wait Til Next Year!

Ahhh, the mantra of the wanna be champions - just wait til next year! Well, we've been hearing the IPv6 is coming for what... 15 years? Is 2011 the year? How far along is your company in its IPv6 rollout? I'm not talking about kicking tires, or experimenting. Instead, I'm asking about plans to rollout IPv6. Not started yet? Almost done? If you've started already, I'd love to hear comments about the main motivators to get going on the project.

(Note - I just couldn't get the embedded poll to work on this one, and gave up. If interested, click here and it'll go to this poll.)  

DHCP Standards

Most companies use DHCP. Does your company have a set standard for which IP addresses to reserve for DHCP leases - the top, middle, or bottom of the range? E.g., in subnet, do you DHCP lease the lowest numbered values? The highest? No convention?

Donde' Esta Aqui?

Where are you? Pick the continent closest to where you live. Just curious who's out there participating in this blog.

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