Acrobat X Upgrade Rides on back of Office 2010

Users angry over lack of 64-bit version of Acrobat X and PDFMaker plugin.

Planning to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 during the next year? Then don’t forget about upgrading to Adobe Acrobat X too. You’ll need money in the budget to upgrade Acrobat 7, 8, 9 Standard and Pro to Acrobat X. Major software architectural changes in a product release, such as with Office 2007 and 2010, often necessitate companion or third party products upgrade their products. That usually means a paid upgrade to move to a new, compatible release. Product dependencies can be one of the more challenging, and often expensive, feats IT organizations must manage. Such is the case with Acrobat X, a required upgrade if you plan to use Acrobat Standard or Pro with Office 2010. Surprising given that previous Acrobat Standard and Pro versions were compatible with Office 2007, where many of Office’s architectural changes were made. It’s unclear what it is about Office 2010 that required Acrobat to release version 10, a.k.a. Acrobat X. Something else important to know…the Acrobat plugin for Office is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Office applications. See this Adobe knowledgebase article, “PDFMaker unavailable in 64-bit Office 2010”; This has angered many unsuspecting users who thought Acrobat X would work with 64-bit Office, or expected a full 64-bit version of Acrobat with version X. Acrobat X is still 32-bit only at this time. See Adobe’s forums at for more. The cost to upgrade to Acrobat X can get expensive, fast, with retail upgrade prices ranging from $199 to $799 (not including maintenance), per user. That could easily mean thousands of dollars (or more) from the budget you’ll need to cover Acrobat upgrades before you begin the move to Office 2010. Hopefully you budgeted for the Acrobat upgrade. Many could get caught unaware as the announcement about the Acrobat X upgrade only happened in the latter part of October, 2010.

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