I've Graduated and Now I'm Back (to Blogging More)

Aiming for a New Blog Every Monday Night

Yes, my blogging rate has been poor over the last 6 months. I was in the final semester of my MBA program and, after hours of homework each week, just didn't have the motivation to blog. Well, I'm happy to announce, I graduated from the North Carolina State MBA program on December 18th with a concentration in Corporate Finance.

Now I will have more time (and motivation) to blog again. Plus, I hope to tie in my finance education more into the blog, as I did with the WAN Transformation ROI blog and the Cisco Dividend blog. Don't worry though. It won't be all finance and spreadsheets. Still plenty of routing, WAN, data centers, and experiences from my day-to-day life running a network team and a global network. Good to be back! Happy New Year!

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