Mac App Store to launch tomorrow at Noon EST

The Mac App Store will reportedly launch tomorrow at Noon Eastern Standard Time

With all of the press surrounding CES, here's a gentle reminder that Apple's anticipated Mac App Store is scheduled to launch tomorrow. What time? Well, Apple of course likes to keep things under wraps, but Jim Dalrymple of The Loop reports that users can look forward to seeing the Mac App Store take shape in the early afternoon.

The Mac App Store will officially launch on January 6, but nobody has been able to nail down a time when the service will be publicly available.According to my sources, the Mac App Store will be available at 12:00 pm (noon) ET on Thursday. That puts it at about 9:00 am PT where Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, Calif.

The iTunes App Store certainly created a thriving development community in the mobile space and undoubtedly transformed the way consumers worldwide use their phones. Will the Mac App Store do the same?

It's possible, but it's obviously way to early to tell. One thing's for sure, though - millions of Mac users will have direct access to an extensive and eclectic selection of software they would most likely not otherwise be aware of. And while there are concerns regarding issues such as pricing and the potential for Apple to flex their draconian app store policy muscles, the forthcoming Mac App Store is poised to shake things up in one way or another.

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