MIT celebrates 150 years of smartness

MIT 150 Exhibition highlights Smoots, Scratch and OLPC

MIT today kicked off its celebration of the 150th anniversary of the school with a new MIT 150 Exhibition at the MIT Museum in Cambridge.

Having been to this museum a few times, including as recently as mid-November,  it could definitely use an infusion, and this exhibit looks like fun.

It celebrates everything from academics (most famous classes) to entrepreneurs (One Laptop Per Child project) to making the perfect cup of coffee (above) to pranks, including the measuring of the Mass Ave. bridge by moving a five-foot-seven-inch freshman named Oliver Smoot in 1958 some 364.4 times plus/minus an ear.

Among the most network-related events celebrated -- noticing these things because I'm with Network World -- was a Telephone Banquet held in 1916 that connected 34 alumni clubs across the country by phone.

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