Google shakeup answers that question

I was wondering why Eric Schmidt wasn't tweeting

So yesterday I'm on Twitter and stumble across Eric Schmidt's account and notice that the Google CEO hadn't tweeted a blessed thing since Dec. 11. Muttered a hmmm, I did, rubbed my chin a bit and then spent a good minute or two wondering why that might be. (Yes, indeed, I get paid to do this kind of thing.)

Could be the holidays, I thought; even billionaire corporate big-shots are busy during the holidays.

Stretching, I wondered if maybe Schmidt's forsaking of the tweet was related somehow to Google's long-rumored interest in acquiring Twitter. Perhaps evidence of a longing extinguished?

Or maybe he'd just gotten sick and tired of trying to communicate via 140-character burps. Countless others certainly have.

Well, this afternoon we get not only a much more plausible explanation, but it comes via a tweet, a Schmidt tweet that reads: "Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!"

Translation (in case you haven't heard the news): Schmidt is on the way out as Google CEO, while Larry Page is on the way in. Schmidt will be taking on the title of executive chairman. He's had a lot on his mind.

Schmidt's tweet included a link to his blog post explaining the moves.

Next question?

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