Woman caught smuggling 44 iPhones into Israel

Late last week, an woman in her 60s tried to smuggle 44 iPhone 4s into Israel by hiding them in her stockings

When it comes to airport security, the Israeli’s are largely considered to be the best in the business. Whether it has to do with detecting bombs, drugs, or any other type of illegal and dangerous contraband, if you’re trying to sneak something into or out of a country you’d be advised to keep Israel out of your travel plans.

Late last week, an Israeli woman in her 60's learned that the hard way. What made her story unusual, however, was not just her age, but what she was trying to smuggle into the country – iPhones. And not just a few of them – this woman was caught trying to bring 44 iPhone 4s into the country.

Flying in from London into Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, the woman in question was wearing traditional Georgian garb and had the iPhone 4s hidden in her stockings underneath her clothes. Because of the extra “cargo” she was carrying, the woman had trouble walking and subsequently attracted the attention of airport security.

Upon being approached by security personnel, the woman claimed she wasn’t feeling well whereupon airport security offered to accompany her. But first, she had to pass through a full body scanner. It was then the authorities found buried underneath layers of traditional garb that the woman was carrying at least 44 iPhoneson her person.

So what gives? After all, the iPhone 4 has been readily available in Israel for months now so why would anyone want to bring in dozens of iPhone 4s? Well, it might have a little something to do with the cost of the iPhone 4 in the holy land. Upon being released this September, unlocked versions of the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 were retailing for over $800 and $1387 respectively. That being the case, smuggling iPhones into the country can potentially be quite the profitable venture - if you don't get caught that is.

And as for the enterprising iPhone smuggler? She was detained, released, and will find out this week if she'll be indicted or merely be asked to pay a fine.

via Haaretz

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