So much anger over such a minor matter

And it’s not just me the guy is calling 'stupid'

Yesterday I was swapping e-mail with a longtime journalist friend and we drifted into the evergreen topic of online incivility. This morning I scan the comments on my post pooh-poohing "e-wallets" as a replacement for the regular kind ... and up pops an example of what we'd been talking about. While mild, as diatribes go, I thought it worth sharing:

The reader's chosen title - "People like you ..." - properly sets the tone:

By Anon (not verified) on Wed, 01/26/2011 - 5:43am.

are holding the US financial industry in the dark ages. The rest of the world is moving away from paper and coins, and moving to this sort of payment system. The archaic US cann't seem to figure that out though.

At this point I am amused by the image of a roomful of financial titans being told: "We can't go ahead with this e-wallet thing because McNamara at Network World is not sufficiently enthused." Murmurs of concurrence ensue. ... But I digress.

You spout idiotic fears that can be all summed up, basically, by one word. Adoption. How fast will it be implemented? Debit machines took off really fast because you "needed" to get money and couldn't be bothered to go to the bank during it's daily hours.

Idiotic has no place on any list of the worst things my ideas have been called, but the man (does anyone believe it's a woman?) is merely warming to the task.

Surprisingly, stores and businesses offed a form that used that debit card to just access your bank accounts directly and withdraw the money without you having to use paper and coins (OH NO!!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!!!)

Never mind me; no keyboard deserves that kind of pounding.

And then the big finish:

Get your head out of the sand and start looking around you. This is already being done. But you stupid Americans are too archaic to figure that out. Further, you think the world revolves around your stupid nation. We, the rest of the world, get on just fine without you.

All I did is say I want to keep my wallet ... and now I'm wondering if I should alert Homeland Security.

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