Do You Get the Feeling That It Won't Be Enough WAN Bandwidth?

Will 30 Mbps Last for the Next 3 Years

The primary goal of our WAN Transformation project was to give more bandwidth - a lot more bandwidth - to our field sites. A field site with approximately 50 people will get 30 Mbps MPLS bandwidth (and a backup 6 Mbps that will only be used if the 30 Mbps is down). But, something's been nagging me lately. Will it be enough? 30 Mbps is a huge increase from what the site has today, but still just a bit more than a nice, home cable modem. User perception is, "I get 20 Mbps to myself at home, why do we only get 30 Mbps for the whole office?" Arguing about QoS and the security and reliability of private MPLS bandwidth doesn't go far with users. Plus, Internet CDNs like Akamai have done a very good job mitigating delay on Internet and speeding downloads, giving home users the actual performance increase they demand. Back in the corporate network we will try WAN acceleration, but will it be enough? I keep reading about the exploding demand for bandwidth. Just today I found a VoD training website put up by our support organization. It's about 10Mbps per video download. Users expect more and have no concept of how much private MPLS bandwidth costs. They know a 20 Mbps cable modem is about $70 a month, so their employer should have about 200 Mbps for the office (or about $700 a month). Too bad $700 a month will get you a little more than a T-1 to MPLS for an office. So, I want to hear from the readers a bit. What are your opinions on bandwidth?

Is 30 Mbps enough bandwidth for a site with 50 people for the next 3 years?
Yes, it's about right
No, that's way too much
No, that's not even close to enough for the future.
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There are some interesting technologies out there that are trying to solve this problem. Talari is doing very interesting work with their "network raid" technology. In a nutshell, go ahead and buy 5 cable modems for the remote office to get a 100Mbps and the Talari devices are smart enough to turn those 5 cable modem links into high quality MPLS-like bandwidth.

Of course, to get the cost savings, I'd have to convince field site directors and IT management to take out MPLS and go back to Internet tunnels....hmmm.... Also had an interesting presentation a couple weeks ago from Fastsoft showing how they do one-ended WAN Acceleration. Now, there's no need for an appliance at every branch office, just at the DC. Much simpler. Hopefully companies like these will solve the bandwidth problem of the future.

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