Journalist receives world's most prestigious award - the Colbert Bump!

Thanks to Stephen Colbert, this blogger can die happy

All my life, I've dreamed of winning the greatest prize a journalist can possibly receive. No, not the Nobel Prize. Not the Pulitzer either. I'm talking about the Colbert Bump

A couple nights ago, Stephen Colbert - you might know him as the Greatest Living American - looked across all of the Internets for the perfect story to feature in his "Bing Gets Served" segment and somehow came up with one written by yours truly. Stephen probably didn't realize he was giving me the Colbert Bump, but that's how great this man is - he can give the Colbert Bump without even knowing it. The article, "Google catches Bing copying search results," is displayed on screen halfway through the bit, and my name at the top of the article is clearly visible to any red-blooded American who happens to watch TV through the lens of a powerful space telescope:

See? I wasn't lying.

Luckily, an eagle-eyed editor who works here at Network World noticed said Colbert Bump and notified me the next morning. I didn't think anything this amazing could possibly happen to me, so I assumed there must be some kind of mistake, but I was able to confirm my Colbert Bump by watching the clip online. Colbert takes on the news, first reported on, that Google engineers with a lot of time on their hands set up a sting that caught Microsoft's Bing ... err... borrowing some of Google's search results. As Stephen tells it, "This week the tech world was rocked by the news that Google had caught Bing in the act of copying its search results. For the first time ever, someone's search history has been busted for something other than porn. Now, Microsoft denies any wrondoing, with a spokesperson saying, quote, 'we do not copy Google's search results.' Unfortunately for Bing, Google has proof - or as they say, proofle." 

Here's the video, which is worth watching even if you've never received a Colbert Bump yourself: 

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