Steve Jobs hobnobs with Barack Obama

Steve Jobs this past Thursday attended a who's who of Tech dinner with none other than President Barack Obama.

Last week, rumors spread that Apple CEO Steve Jobs' was spotted at a Stanford Cancer clinic and that the Apple co-founder's health was in dire straights. As you might expect, many media outlets took the story and ran with it, never mind the fact that the source of said rumors emanated from the none-too-reliable National Enquirer.

While we're of course not privy to Jobs' personal health details, reports from respected publications like the WSJ have said that Jobs remains heavily involved in product development from his Palo Alto home and that he's even been seen on Apple's Cupertino campus over the past few weeks.

This past Thursday even, Jobs attended a who's who of Tech dinner with none other than President Barack Obama. The official White House Flickr stream released a photo of the event which you can see below. Interestingly, the coveted spots next to Obama went to Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Incidentally, Eric Schmidt is off to the left somewhere. Other tech luminaries in attendance included Yahoo! CEO CarolBartz, Twitter CEO Dick Cotolo, Oracle CEO and multi-billionaire Larry Ellison, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

While most would have given anything to be a fly on the wall at that dinner party, the purported aim of the get together was to bridge relationships between the government and private industries to keep American technology on the cutting edge.


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