Want your own, sort of, personal submarine?

Raonhaje Ego Semi Sub can help you explore undersea worlds without all that nasty diving

You can tell by the name it's not exactly a real submarine.  The Ego Compact Semi Submarine promises to offer you and a friend an unbelievable view of the undersea world but it's not actually submerging and neither running silent nor deep like real submarines of yore.  

Weighing in at about 7,700 lbs the two-person Raonhaje Ego pretty much looks a little like a catamaran boat with a glass (acrylic actually) cockpit hanging down in between the hulls. The 10-ft Ego is battery powered and can run for about eight hours at cruising speed, according to the company. Once down inside the submerged cockpit, an operator can direct the boat with a steering wheel and accelerator, like a car, whilst peering out into the vast murkiness.   

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The company's website shows that the firm obviously has plans to sell the semi-sub to resorts and hotels close to the water.  It also lists as other target customers those with yachts and scientists who may want to do a little underwater research.

The company doesn't list the price of the Ego, but says it will be available in October seven colors from chrome yellow to lime green.

So you'd really have your bases covered if you had an Ego parked at your dock and flying car, or  Transition Roadable Aircraft in your garage. Or maybe the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will make a commercial version of its Submersible Aircraft, which really combines the best of both worlds.

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