Texas Gov. Rick Perry flunks Twitter 101

Lame doesn't begin to describe politician's attempt to shield tweets from journalists

There is only one reason why Texas Gov. Rick Perry would block certain journalists from following his Twitter account: He must believe it will stop them from following his Twitter account.

It won't, of course.

But it will guarantee that I won't be the only one calling him Gov. Rick Petty.

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From Talking Points Memo:

A reporter at The Dallas Morning News says he's been blocked from following Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Twitter account -- and he's not the only one.

On Sunday, Tom Benning reported that when he recently tried to follow @GovernorPerry, which is described as the "Personal Twitter feed of Texas' 47th Governor" and has over 30,000 followers, he received the following message: "Could not follow user: You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user."

Benning and TPM are attempting to get a coherent explanation from Perry's office as to why the governor has chosen this approach to media relations, but suffice to say there isn't a real good one. Benning notes that other staff members at his newspaper are approved followers of the governor, and, well, reporters have been known to share notes. And has the governor personally vetted all 30,000 members of his Twitter brigade to make sure none is a front for one of the blacklisted scribes? ... Didn't think so.

Meanwhile, what does the governor have to say on his Twitter account that he deems sensitive enough to attempt to shield from the prying eyes of unfriendly scribes? Here his latest:

A real charmer I ran into between meetings in WH. Bo, the Portuguese Water dog!! http://yfrog.com/h6e62juj

That's Bo with Perry in the picture above. Right now someone at The Dallas Morning News is yelling "stop the presses!"

(Update: Hey, look, I told you I wouldn't be the only one.)

(Update 2: Now the Boston Police Department knows how to use Twitter to communicate with the public.)

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