VMware View for the iPad

A new addition to VMware's portfolio

Device flexibility, mobility, and a potential trend toward alternative endpoint computing devices has led VMware to announce a View for the iPad. While this is a welcome addition to VMware's portfolio, VMware isn't the first to do this:

Seeing a Microsoft Windows environment pop up on an iPad makes for a very cool demo, but watching businesses tie value to running a Windows environment on the iPad is not a slam dunk. I see the business value in building application access for devices like the iPad, but using these devices as access points to a full blown Windows environment is a bit of a stretch for me. Don't get me wrong--I'm the first to show it off, but I'm not pressured with having to support these new devices. I think the real questions are:

  1. What is influencing alternative endpoint computing devices?
  2. Are companies changing their application delivery strategies?
  3. Will businesses make mass investments in alternative endpoint devices to support an existing Windows environment or are they looking for alternative solutions?

ESG is currently digging deeper into these questions and the answers may surprise you. I'll post a followup blog in a few weeks with some of our findings. Read more of Mark's blog entries at Liquefying IT.


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