Wake up! Today is World Sleep Day

Not sure how to celebrate? We have you covered

WorldWide Sleep Day

You say you didn't know? Neither did I until a public relations professional asked if I'd like to try the Philips Wake-Up Light as part of what he apparently presumed would be our exhaustive coverage of the 4th annual World Sleep Day.

I didn't want to try the light, but did give some thought to how we might celebrate World Sleep Day in our respective workplaces. My list:

  • Go to work wearing footy pajamas.
  • Show up late and tell the boss that out of respect for World Sleep day, you had overslept.
  • Send an office e-mail asking if anyone can spare an Ambien.
  • Set your circadian clock ahead one hour.
  • Nap at your desk more than usual.
  • Hang a hammock in the break room.
  • Organize a pillow fight.
  • Every 15 minutes, set off an alarm clock; see how long it takes for someone to complain to HR.
  • Spark a wave of contagious yawning.
  • Ask every co-worker: "Do you snore?" If they say no, roll your eyes.
  • Tell people you had a terribly disturbing dream last night and they were in it. Then walk away.
  • After lunch? Siesta, baby.
  • When you get home, short-sheet someone's bed.

Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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