March mobile madness: The most amazing videos from CTIA

The latest and most innovative products from the CTIA Wireless trade show.

The CTIA Wireless conference always showcases the latest and most innovative products in mobile and wireless, and this year's show is no exception. Check out these videos from the show floor that will make your jaw drop. Radar detection? There's an app for that Cobra Electronics demonstrates its iRadar, a radar detector for your iPhone (and now Android) that also offers laser alerts, red-light camera alerts and speed trap alerts. The company also shows its Bluetooth-enabled keychain that can help find a lost phone.
Feel the vibration Tunebug shows off its new vibration-enhanced speaker systems, including one that can create a speakerphone on any surface.
Invisible keyboard Snapkeys shows off its "invisible typing" technology, which uses an innovative system for typing on tablets that leaves QWERTY in the dust.
Fitness app Endomondo's fitness app for smartphones combines the ability to track a runner's speed, location, and heart rate with other features like listening to music and challenging friends to race. Internet connectivity lets others cheer you on.
Galaxy Tab up close Get a closer look at Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, which boasts a 590g weight and a 10.1-inch display.
Two screens are better than one Kyocera shows its new Echo smartphone, a dual-display Android phone that will be available for Sprint customers on April 17. The two screens allow for easier multitasking and optimized apps.
The most useful case ever The BeAHeadCase protects your iPhone, sure - but more importantly, it has an integrated bottle opener and an app that helps track your drinking.

We're ready for our closeup

With more people taking photos and videos on mobile phones instead of camcorders, video editing software needs to move to the device as well. The folks at muvee are doing their best to take a tedious and time-consuming process and speed it up so users won't have to transfer everything to a PC environment.

Click! You've been tagged

Augmented reality is used to create something out of nothing. In this case, the Viewdle app can identify people you've taken photos of before (or look through your social network photos) just by pointing a phone at the person.

Preventing teen speeding with less intrusion

Instead of placing a GPS unit in their car and tracking your teen's every movement, the Speedbump app sits on their phone and only sends the parent an alert if they go over the speed limit on predetermined roads. This also fosters communication between parents and teens (parents can talk about unsafe driving and the teen doesn't feel like they're being tracked).

Power! I need more power! Bad battery life on smartphones continues to be the number one issue/complaint of users. Most solutions require additional devices or bulky cases and add-ons. So it was nice to see a mobile phone case from Powerskin made of a flexible material that integrated some extra battery juice for our smartphones.


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