Cisco Subnet's Jimmy Ray Purser Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

I was thrilled to receive this press release in my in box. But there was a mystery involved.

The FIB Future News Network alerted me to this breaking story. Congratulations to Jimmy Ray Purser! However, as I began to investigate the story, a mystery appeared. First let me post the news release:

From FIB Future News Network

Cisco’s Jimmy Ray Purser Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Pulitzer prize-winning online TV show host and bucket list author given highest honors from Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits.


ATLANTA, GA – April 1, 2019 (posted via FIB April 1, 2035) – Popeyes® Chicken and Biscuits, also doing business as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, announced that it has awarded Jimmy Ray Purser, an engineer and TV anchor at Cisco Systems, Inc., its first Lifetime Achievement Award for humanitarian excellence. Purser, who received a standing ovation at a gala event held in his honor at Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre, accepted the award on behalf of “chicken lovin’ Cisco engineers everywhere.”

“We are thrilled to honor Jimmy Ray with our first ever Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Olive Doyle, a community outreach executive at Popeyes. “Hundreds and even thousands of people are benefiting from the many bucket lists sent in by Jimmy Ray and his followers. Thanks to him, people everywhere are doing nice things just for the sake of it.”

Popeyes instituted the Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize Jimmy Ray for his now famous “bucket lists” that he began writing several years ago. During the Great Recession of 2008-2011, Jimmy Ray would enter one small personal goal in the comments section of his online order form each time he ordered a bucket of chicken at his local Popeyes. He would not allow himself to buy another bucket of chicken until he had achieved his previous goal, hence the term “bucket list.” Each goal was always a nice deed done for himself, for others, or for the planet Earth.

“Judging by the number of goals and buckets of chicken we counted, Jimmy accomplished a tremendous amount of good during some very difficult years,” said Popeyes Communications VP Alicia Thompson. “We are very proud that he chose Popeyes as a key platform for helping the world become a better place.”

“I want to acknowledge those people out there doing many great things without any recognition,” said Jimmy Ray upon receiving his award. “To be honest, even though I remember every piece of chicken as if each one was wrapped in juicy bacon, I can’t really remember all of those things I wrote. I’d rather thank all of those kind folks who entered and completed their own bucket lists for the good of others. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone got on board with this!”

Popeyes officials indicated that they would continue to support the “bucket list” program at every franchise and at their corporate offices. Jimmy Ray Purser continues to add more of his own bucket list entries and is planning to write a memoir about the deeds he performed and the chicken he consumed.

Jimmy Ray Purser in the Year 2035

The definitive article on Jimmy Ray Purser from the year 2035 that explains all of this is now available at Written by the engineer known as Cisco 2035, CCIE #323808879.12, this piece provides exclusive information on Jimmy Ray from the future including his later career, his volunteer work, and his most prestigious awards. It also includes an interactive form anyone can use to create their own bucket list entries.

About Jimmy Ray Purser

Jimmy Ray Purser is a longtime Network Engineer at Cisco and the TechWise TV Network. In the year 2015, he and TechWise TV Co-Host Robb Boyd received the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting for their article on an international counterfeit IPv4 address smuggling ring. On Twitter (@JimmyRay_Purser), Jimmy Ray identifies himself as a Christian, Blogger, Bass Fishing Goober, Cigar Aficionado, Engineer, Astronomy geek and Co-host of Cisco’s TechWiseTV.

About Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits

Founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Popeyes is a leader in the New Orleans segment of the food service industry and is the world’s largest provider of fried chicken for the Jimmy Ray Purser family. As of December 26, 2010 Popeyes had 1,977 restaurants in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, and 26 foreign countries. For more information, visit

About FIB Future News Service

The posting method used for this news release is forward inverse backcasting (FIB), developed by Cisco Systems in the early 2030s to communicate from the future back to the past. All events documented here are true. However they will not occur until the dates specified. For addition information visit FIB Future News Service is an independent media source not affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc., Popeyes, or any other company mentioned in this news release or the cisco2035 web site. 

Happy April Fool's'!

Now, onto the mystery ... I thought Jimmy Ray wrote it and sent it to me. When I contacted him, he thought I wrote it. How odd. So I contacted the FIB Future News Network via the only known method to reach this elusive group, e-mail. I received the following reply:

"Our website at has a number of articles and the first two explain our story.  If you haven't figured it out, we are from the future (2035). Who are we? Speaking for myself, when I (Cisco2035) received access to the Cisco FIB protocol in 2035 I vowed not to contact my former self so he (I'm a he) is not aware of this either. It's an ethical bridge we have yet to figure out. In time we will reveal ourselves. Unfortunately a real time phone interview is impossible because of the 24 year time difference. However we can compress the time factor in email because we can send our replies to any timestamp we want (in the year 2011 you'll hardly notice the time difference).

"Note that although April 1 is considered April Fools day, We like to think all of our stories are true (we just have no way of proving it yet - c'mon Cisco!)

"The world in 2035 still presents some very tough challenges, but every nice 'bucket list' deed we get has been chipping away at prejudice, injustice, fear, and sadness. So PLEASE use your future fame to encourage your readers to participate and enter their own bucket list item at the end of the Jimmy Ray blog story The world is counting on you! 

Keep smiling!"

I already submitted my Bucket List entry to the blog story... what's yours?

If you must know, here it mine ...

1. Hike Olympic National Park from sea to 10,000 feet.

2. Learn to pop a wheelie on my bike.

3. Write a novel. (I can start 'em just can't finish 'em.)

4. Backpack the Colorado Trail, and maybe a few others like John Muir Trail.

5. Visit Greece, Rome a few other places that birthed Western Civilization as we know it.

6. A few more, but I'm not telling.

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